The Internet, an infinite universe of information and mis-information, hence Misfire. This collection is inspired by a map of the internet from the 70s that was recently discovered. It was then known as ARPNET, what we presently call the World Wide Web.


For this Collection we collaborated with Architect Patricia de Osma, who designed for us  the Geografica Print. The Print is a mix of old celtic maps; a metaphore of the first hand drawn maps of the internet from the 70s.


 That 70s Show was the inspiration for our designs. Here are the cast of actors:

 Astro Top in 3 variations:  Mint Frosting, Geografica in Salty Pink & Georgrafica in Ice Cream
 The Calypso Leggings Come in Geografica Salty Pink

 The Stella Bikini Bottom in Purple Haze

 The Venus Biker Short in Geogtrafica Ice Cream

 The Cosmo Sweater in 2 Variations: Geografica in Salty Pink & Geografica in Ice Cream.