Lennon Jumpsuit
Lennon Jumpsuit
Lennon Jumpsuit

Lennon Jumpsuit

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Hail to this Snug yet sexy one-piece. The Lennon Jumpsuit, flared midi-length, elastic waist band for maximum support and V-shaped neck line can be used for a picnic at the park, a drive through town, a full day at work or you know what? Just for lounging around all day doing nothing much.

Available in Vanilla Bean

Material: 98% Spandex 2% Cotton Rib


Hand Wash

Machine Wash: Cold. Do not Tumble Dry

Two Thalassa Facts

We work with small workshops, up-cycle, and use up to 70% of sustainable materials. These include recycled polyester made from fishing nets. All our products have UV protection.


We are here to have fun. We firmly believe that taking life too seriously stops you from creating new experiences. We love new challenges and enjoying every step of the way.

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