Gabriela, and Alexandra Co-founders of Thalassa, are childhood friends who grew up in the coastal city of Lima, Peru. They come from diverse backgrounds; Gabriela is Brazilian and Alexandra is Greek-Peruvian. Most of their inspiration comes from their culture and love for the ocean; a place they have grown up in for most of their life. Hence, THLSA was born. 


Our packaging is biodegradable.
Small production batches to minimize waste. 
We use organic fabrics & our workshop is local. 

    *We want to commit to learning more about new ways in which we can reduce our impact on the environment. We accept humbly that we still have a long way to go.


    In the pursuit of having fun and freeing fitness from preformance. 


    We dig creating things that fit our vibe. Like the ocean, we are unexpected; we don’t play it safe.


    We believe that partnerships, cooperating and connecting are an essential part of growing our brand. That is why we collaborate every year with various artists, brands and creatives.